Big rock

Are you making time for your big rocks?

If you’ve ever got to the end of your working day (yes there is such a thing) and realised that even though you have been busy all day and are exhausted, you have made little or no progress on the things on your list, then watch this two minute video.

So many business owners are flat out busy, but spend too much time on the wrong stuff. The stuff that may help others, but doesn’t move the business in the right direction.

The time has come to stop that, and to start making time for the things that will move your business fast towards your goals (you’ve got those written down, right?).

And if you know you should, but don’t know HOW, contact us to find out about our next training events, or book a complimentary 30 minute strategy session to find out whether we are a fit to work together to boost your productivity and help you get your lifestyle the way you deserve it to be.

Book your strategy session here.

Have a great day,

Russell and the Business Time Lord team

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