2C growth cycle 600 wide 20151211

The three Cs of highly profitable business growth

If I could show you a really simple and powerful construct for diagnosing what’s holding your business back right now and how to double your business without working any more hours, would that be of high value to you?

So many businesses seem to hit a barrier that stops them growing any further. They get loads of sales without needing to do advertising or marketing, and the business owners would love to grow even more, but they have no spare time.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” ~ Bruce Lee

Well, the reason they are stuck is because they don’t know how to progress on the three Cs of highly profitable business growth. But rather than explain, let me show you in this short six minute video.

This simple and powerful construct makes it easy to identify what has to happen to get your business unstuck and moving up to the next level. And when you add the third C, you can significantly improve your profits and the reach of your business.

Most business owners will eventually get the customer side sorted out, and they get there fast with the help of a good marketing specialist. But…

A very successful mentor of mine once said that referrals wont grow your business. Doing a great job and getting great referrals can only FILL your business. It gets you customers and moves you from right to left. That’s when so many businesses and their owners get stuck, because the strategies to get you from left to right, from needing Capacity to needing Customers are totally different.

2C growth cycle 600 wide 20151211

And when you take care of both sides of the cycle in turn, then you can easily and effortlessly flow upwards in the growth of your customer base, business and profits, which is what we all want.

So let us know where your business is stuck or about to get stuck on the cycle right now, and we will let you know the fastest ways to get you going again. Email us now.

And from the team at Business Time Lord, we wish a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year to you and yours.

Have a great week.

The Business Time Lord team


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